Author Presentation Guideline

NOSSDAV'14 incorporates both the traditional Q&A format (after each talk) and the NOSSDAV-flavor panel discussion by the end of each session. We allocate 22 minutes for each paper including a short Q&A and presenter switching time, so please time your talk under 18 minutes.

At the end of each session, we allocate 15 minutes for a meta Q&A discussion, which is intended to provide a more general discussion over each area, such as the authors' perspective on the future directions of the area. Session chairs will instruct the presenters for the session to come to the stage after all the talks finish and start the discussion.

Best Presentation Award

We'd like to share with you that NOSSDAV 2014 will feature a Best Presentation Award! Here is how it works:

To qualify, your presentation slides need to be sent to the program chairs (Songqing and Kuan-Ta) TWO days before the workshop date, that is, 12pm noon March 17th at Signapore timezone (UTC+8). Your slides will be put online on the workshop website for our audience to read. We accept PDF format for the slides.

At the workshop, via a survey link (announced on-site), all participants will be able to vote the best presentations. The Award will be given to the paper which receives the most votes and will be announced during the banquet on March 20th.

Maintained by the NOSSDAV 2014 organizing committee.